What if you are living your dream?

For the past two months I have been working with a really great coach. We have weekly talks, I have home work every week, and for the past weeks we have had daily check-ins. In our latest session she said, “What if you already are living your dream life?” I was like “What do you mean? […]


The Point of Sharing

A couple of years ago a writer asked me if I didn’t feel threatened by teaching students in how to write for film and television. She said, she taught to make a living, but she didn’t feel okay with creating competitors to herself. I told her, what I truly believe, that I’m teaching my future […]


Stand III

What has become clear to me these past months doing the bead movement is that everything in my life moves in cycles. The cycles all have the same structure no matter what I am learning, experiencing or investigating. It always starts with a period of expansion where I push myself beyond my comfort zone. It’s […]


Ride the wave

Isn’t it amazing how we try and control every bit of our lives? We micromanage and get so overly frustrated when things don’t go our way. As a result of The Bead Movement I’ve started to more actively work on letting go of things in order to live a more, from my perspective, fulfilled and […]

Old Town Stockholm

Johanna’s Week Nine

How we be I had lunch with a few colleagues earlier this week and The Bead Movement came up in the discussion. It’s amazing how these beads has changed my interactions with others. Nowadays it becomes more and more normal for me to discuss existential life questions over a salad or in the rush of […]

The Bead Movement

Johanna’s Decision

Some people react to this project as a bit morbid. ’Do I really want to see my days run out?!’ For me it couldn’t be further away from death, this is an action FOR life. Personally I know all too well that life is fragile; that life in an instant can turn your world upside down, […]