Ride the wave

Isn’t it amazing how we try and control every bit of our lives? We micromanage and get so overly frustrated when things don’t go our way. As a result of The Bead Movement I’ve started to more actively work on letting go of things in order to live a more, from my perspective, fulfilled and happy everyday life. This week was no different from any other week, but this month’s theme of ”Letting go” was so suitable.

Right now I’m working on a tv show for a Swedish network. The deadlines are tight and we are working against the clock. The other day we needed to make some big changes in an episode and there wasn’t that much time to do it. In those circumstances when the critique hits you it’s easy to get caught up in why we need to change this or that, or take it personally or get stuck on a million thoughts that in that instant of stress just leads you to freeze and as a result loose a lot of invaluable time. Flexibility comes in handy, cause all I could think about in that moment was to let it go. Let go of all that was preplanned, because none of those thoughts would help me to move forward and get the work done.

What I in that moment needed was a fresh template so I as fast as possible could start over. Every single thought of why this had happened, or what was behind the notes we got would only stop me. I guess people can be more or less flexible, but what I have noticed is that we definitely can train this skill. It’s just a matter of changing one’s mindset, and of course one’s willingness to do so.

I am so utterly grateful that I nowadays (most of the days) can ride that wave to  quickly get to the shore and get going. The ticking clock in combination with my let go mentality made me work through it in a very fruitful way. And what I noticed afterwards was that the halt or setback turned into my creative force.

Being a writer I push myself through fear of failure quite a lot. We put ourselves on the line, and we work diligently towards a result we hope will come out the way we pictured it. Writing and living the freelance life is a constant ’Get up on your feet’-scenario. We try and try again. We fail, but we can never let it hinder us. It’s through the mistakes and failures we grow. It’s as simple as that. Failures are the necessities for success. And when you look at it like that it’s not as scary as one first would have thought. You just know you have to push through it. Because life is after all a trial and error kind of a thing, and what we are here to do is to just find our way.

Love, Johanna

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