Mhairi’s Week Seven

Despite my being on the serious alert for all things significant and deep, I failed to think for a moment what the meaning of the pearl was; beyond what it meant to me personally. When I had been shopping for the beads with Johanna I had spotted the pearls and was compelled straight away to buy thousands of them. I was unwavering in my decision but had never considered that there was an actual meaning of a pearl.


Anyway, a friend questioned me on it, prompting some research that promptly astounded me. So the basic gist is that the pearl symbolizes overcoming adversity through radiant transcendence. Which I love and which I will take thank you very much.

To take it a little further, the pearl is a sacred product and the emblem of feminine generative power. A pearl symbolizes regeneration and rebirth. Because of the challenge it poses to find one, it signifies the hard won goal of spiritual striving. The pearl often entails heroic confrontation with the demonic.

Which, although that sounds very dramatic and grand, the last few years have been challenging for me, with this year bringing in a remarkable positive shift across all aspects of my life. So, although I haven’t slain actual demonic dragons and such I have overcome a huge amount of adversity. Beginning the bead movement symbolizes for me a shift in how I’m living my life, so the fact that the significance of a pearl mirrors this is incredible.

Rose or pink pearls symbolize purity, charity, honesty, wisdom and integrity. Which happen to be words that I had unknowingly added to my jar of beads way back in the beginning when I started on August 1st. The pearls provide a clear vehicle for advancing states of wisdom. This is absolutely key to what starting the bead movement represents for me. I wanted to live a more thoughtful life; a life more concerned with the bigger picture. Pearls can stimulate femininity. I have been wearing more high heels darling and vintage scarves and such since starting my pearl collection and help with self-acceptance. This too has been a major consequence for me from having started the bead movement.

Lying on my couch reading about pale pink pearls being associated with success and promising good fortune, I glanced at my glass jar with 24,500 pale pink pearls and felt reassured.

I don’t believe in coincidences. So the timing of discovering the beads and beginning the movement happening at a pivotal point in my life is a certainty. Were the pearls the physical representation of the shifts I had made in my life? Having come through an extremely challenging 5 years, I could feel the tides gradually turning over the past two years. When I look back at my life’s journey will I see that the pearls found me in their masses at a significant moment? I’m sure I will but in the meantime I’m content to simply look at the beauty of thousands of pale pink pearls in an elegant jar on my desk.



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