Life is never a set of ultimate moments that pass effortlessly in the perfect order. In everyday life there is stress, inconveniences, and seriously a set of bumps in the road. We have work overload, families and friends we want to give our attention to, and all the other bricks that build our lives. In the busyness of making our lives work one goes from one thing to the next in the matter of seconds and heartbeats. Thoughts elude, get stuck or is fast forwarding in loops of one’s mind. Thoughts that are ever spinning makes me a bit detached from the present moment every now and then. At times I find myself regretting not having said certain things,  or actually regretting things I did say just because I had too many thoughts running at once.

Since life is just a collection of moments and a series of experiences I usually feel bad about failing to be totally 100% present in all my daily interactions with people. No matter if it is the presence with the homeless person on the street or a friend. You know, that presence that in essence says ”I valued our time shared” (no matter if it was 2 minutes or five hours). It’s important to me that I make sure I see people, truly see them, so they will know I am there with and for them. No matter what. That I am a fellow traveller on this journey of our lives.

It feels like an impossible task, because things interfere at all times and I more often than not feel like a brutally failed. Because I do. Every single day. But, all one can do is to try again, right? To forgive oneself for the mistakes of today, so one can start on a clean slate once again tomorrow.

Love, Johanna.

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