Mhairi’s week 14

I decided this week to focus on an intention for the whole week. I chose the word LOVE and decided to just simply focus on that word and what it meant. Immediately I was challenged as an hour or so later I sat talking to someone who basically didn’t take a breath, cut me off constantly in conversation and that sort of thing. I could feel myself getting annoyed and wanting to cut her off back but then the word love popped into my head. Everything changed, I simply let her talk. I didn’t try to make my point or anything at all. All I did was do what she needed me to do in that moment was to simply listen to her.

This one intention changed everything. Things began to unfold like magic over the next few days. I guess its what people mean when they bang on about being in the flow. I had left a scarf at a friend’s house, I went over to retrieve it and thought I would do a spot of shopping in a local supermarket. I was literally parking my car in the supermarket parking lot wondering what the reason was that I had left my scarf  (in my obsession to find meaning and significance in every single event) 5 minutes later I was aimlessly walking darling with a yam in my trolley when I stumbled upon a friend I had just recently sent a message to saying we should meet up. Thus ensued a conversation for 45 minutes over the kitchen rolls during which time my friend had suggested the perfect idea for the poster of my show.

Realized that I had forgotten to get nuts meant another stop at another supermarket. This time 2 women approached me; the first who asked where I was from and who turned out to be an Israeli school teacher and when I said that I had shot a movie about the beginning of Israel she asked me to come in and talk to her students about the experience and introduce the film. The other is a vintage clothes seller and wanted to talk to me about gloves and things.

In a city as large and as sprawling and as generally lonely as Los Angeles these encounters are not to be sniffed at. In 5 years of living here I have literally bumped into someone I know maybe 4 times or so and not often had fully fledged conversations about the middle east over peanuts and mixed almonds.

I got home and tried on a dress my partner on the show had ordered for herself on the internet which when arrived proved to be the wrong size. It fit me like a glove.

I have begun to think of people as books. If I’m lucky enough I can get to read a little of their story, hear a little of their adventure, their experiences, their conclusions.

Its hard to sometimes remember to focus on the word love to be perfectly honest. I tend to manage it best when I’m struggling with the person in front of me. So I have yet to really say I’ve conquered total self control over things simply by thinking love, but I have made a start and seen what a difference it can make to your minute and to your precious day.


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